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Brand Promotion

AISIN harnesses the high-level technical abilities and experience that has cultivated as one of the world’s leading comprehensive automotive parts manufacturers to deliver a wide range of products to repair and service markets around the world. 

Moving forward, we will go on contributing to the achievement of enriching automotive experiences that will allow our customers to continue driving their cars with increased safety and comfort.

Proactive Supplier of Value

If AISIN Aftermarket were a person, its character would be summed up in the phrase of “Proactive Supplier of Value”.

With a constantly autonomous and active stance, this personality is based on the essence of two important aspects: “a proactive supplier that appeals to the customer and market” and “that provides not only “things” to customers, but value that goes along with the products and service”.

Design of the AISIN Logo

The initial letter “A” in AISIN is the first letter of the alphabet, and it often expresses leadership and superiority.

AISIN’s advanced originality is expressed by the open shape of the “A,” which symbolizes open mindedness.

Quality First

Since our very beginning, Aisin Seiki has been built on a long-standing dedication to “quality first.” It’s a principle that defines the organization, from product development and assurance through customer satisfaction, the environment and our sense of social responsibility and contribution.

Brand Protection
"No Counterfeit Parts"

AISIN has been actively involved in preventing the manufacturing and sale of counterfeit products. In addition to our own efforts, AISIN is also participating with the “NO Counterfeit Parts” movement in conjunction with the Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA).

Our goal is to eliminate counterfeit parts through individual and organized group efforts. If you have any information on the sale or production of counterfeit items, please contact your local representatives immediately.

"Don't Produce! Don't Sell! Don't Buy!"

Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA) is providing a series of posters as part of the “No Counterfeit Parts” movement. To provide international awareness of illegal activities, posters are available in several key languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. Please contact your local sales representatives to receive posters and additional information.