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Broad-based technological development incorporating the perspectives of customers in every corner of the globe.

Aisin Seiki’s development initiatives in the automotive field include safety technology to prevent accidents before they happen; environmental technology to boost fuel efficiency and serve the needs of electric and hybrid vehicles; and comfort-oriented technologies for a more pleasant ride.

Beyond the automotive field, we are engaged in scientific research on the environment as well as cutting-edge technological research on Artificial intelligence, lasers, etc. Through these far-reaching development initiatives and our capacity to offer not only parts, but systems integrating hardware and software, we are in an ideal position to respond swiftly to increasingly sophisticated and diverse automotive needs.

Cutting-edge Technology

Technological development undertaken at the Daiba Development Center AI-based emotion detection technology and autonomous driving technology

Development of femtosecond fiber laser at our US R&D base, IMRA America, Inc

Superconductor motor under development in collaboration with four other entities in Japan
(Kyoto University, Imura Material Development Laboratory Co., Ltd.,Niigata University, and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Production engineering is based on innovative methods and equipment.

To ensure consistently high product quality, Aisin Seiki has established paramount production engineering technologies and adopts a serious and sincere approach to “monozukuri” (skilled manufacturing).

We ceaselessly update our innovative industrial processes and equipment to create next-generation products, and are implementing a production technology development system to ensure consistently high product quality worldwide. We are also stepping up efforts to cultivate globally oriented human resources with proficiency in skilled manufacturing techniques.

Cultivating Human Resources for “monozukuri” (Skilled Manufacturing)

Cultivating technology and human resources in order to secure the foundations for global production

Learning to operate industrial robots

Experiencing to create drawings with the aid of drafting instruments

Learning electrical wiring procedures and circuitry design

Developing Innovative Methods and Equipment

To provide customers with high-quality, high-performance products at low prices, we are taking a unique approach toward mono-zukuri underscored by our unflagging spirit of inquiry and flexible ideas.

High-precision, high-speed laser welding with minimal deformation

High-density coil winding machine for motor

Non-destructive ultrasound testing technology for internal measurements of products

Production of molds and equipment using the CAE(computer-aided engineering) predictive and analysis technologies