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AISIN remains focused on the automotive aftermarket industry

The automotive industry is undergoing a massive transformation, especially with an accelerated move toward electric vehicles. However, AISIN remains focused on the automotive aftermarket business, including for non-electric vehicles.

AISIN’s vision has always been to continue being a one-stop automotive solution, following the idea of a department store of automotive parts or a mega shopping mall of affordable auto parts. With 1.5 billion cars on the road worldwide and lifespan of vehicles increasing due to technology, the automotive aftermarket business will still thrive as a huge business opportunity for a long time.

Currently, Aisin’s aftermarket business operates at 36 locations in 17 countries and sells products in more than 100 countries.  To best develop markets globally, AISIN develops products that matches the characteristics and needs of each country and region. Instead of just being a mere wholesaler, Aisin conducts market research by visiting local maintenance shops and other facilities, and develops products that best suit the needs of each market. Staying close to the community to observe trends within the environment and listening to the voice of customers is AISIN’s way.

The automotive aftermarket market demands products of “fair quality and fair price,” which address the two biggest customer requests – parts that last and won’t break the bank. AISIN meets that challenge with constant development of products in safety, reliability and affordability. It is the peace of mind for all drivers and vehicle owners that AISIN strives for, to the benefit of all society.

Article is adapted from AISIN’s AI Think website. Read the full article here: