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AISIN Dealer Convention marks new era of automotive excellence, Philippines

City of Dreams Manila – The stage was set, the excitement palpable, and the atmosphere electric as industry partners of Riken Motor Sales Inc., exclusive importer and distributor of Aisin aftermarket products in the Philippines, gathered for the 2024 Aisin Dealer Convention at the prestigious City of Dreams Manila. Hosted by the dynamic Boom Gonzales, the event unfolded with an energy that promised to drive the automotive industry beyond the horizon.
Under the theme “Beyond the Horizon,” the convention aimed to chart a course towards innovation, collaboration, and excellence in the automotive landscape. The stage was set for a night of inspiration and celebration by Aisin Asia and Riken Motor Sales Inc. executives.

Driving Innovation Forward
The convention kicked off with opening remarks from Aisin’s Mr. Soichi Sato. With over 25 years of dedication to Aisin Aftermarket Division, Mr. Sato set the tone for the evening, urging attendees to explore uncharted roads and redefine excellence. Highlighting Aisin’s commitment to innovation, quality, and affordability, Mr. Sato outlined the company’s vision for the future, emphasizing solutions creation with Riken Motor Sales as a key pillar in driving growth for Aisin – farther beyond the horizon. He also further emphasized the importance of collaboration and sustainability in shaping the automotive landscape. With a focus on building lasting relationships and supporting local partners by delivering more industry solutions.
Joining Mr. Sato on stage, Mr. Fukuda Keisuke, Chief Representative of Aisin Asia Philippines Representative Office, and Mr. Oliver Ang, President of Riken Motor Sales.
A Visionary Roadmap

Mr. Oliver Ang, in his address, unveiled a visionary roadmap for Aisin and Riken’s future endeavors. Mr. Ang painted a picture of a future where Aisin’s products and solutions transcend borders and shape a brighter tomorrow. His words echoed the theme of collaboration and innovation, inspiring attendees to push the boundaries of what is possible in the automotive aftermarket industry.
Celebrating Achievements and Inspiring Excellence
Throughout the evening, attendees were treated to electrifying performances, insightful presentations, and engaging discussions. From the unveiling of Aisin’s battle cry, introduction of Aisin’s mascot Clutchy — to the recognition of top performers and loyal customers, every moment was a celebration of achievements and a testament to the unwavering spirit of the Aisin family.
The convention also featured a comprehensive exhibition showcasing Aisin’s iconic products and groundbreaking technologies. From transmission technology to drivetrain parts, brake components, engine parts, and automotive fluids. Aisin’s commitment to quality and innovation was on full display.

Looking Towards the Future
As the convention drew to a close, Mr. Winston Ang, in his closing remarks, expressed gratitude to all attendees for making the event a resounding success. Encouraging everyone to carry the spirit of Aisin with them as they embarked on the next chapter, Mr. Winston left attendees with a message of unity, resilience, and shared purpose.
The 2024 Aisin Dealer Convention was more than just an event; it was a milestone—a milestone that marked the beginning of a new era of automotive excellence, innovation, and collaboration. As attendees dispersed, the echoes of applause and the promise of a brighter future lingered in the air, driving them ever closer to the horizon and beyond.