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Aisin Group Strengthens Production System for Electrification Products -Aisin Tohoku begins producing small and medium-sized motor products.

Aisin Tohoku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kanegasaki, Iwate Prefecture, President: Tsuyoshi Osada) of the Aisin Group has expanded its factory to begin producing small and medium-sized motor products, mainly electric water pumps, in fiscal 2022.

 The electric water pump to be newly produced is a product that contributes to the fuel efficiency of vehicles through thermal management, such as battery temperature control, for maximized performance of components in hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles.

 The Aisin Group, with the aim of contributing to a sustainable global environment, has set a goal of increasing the sales ratio of electrification products that help reduce CO2 emissions, at least to 50% in fiscal 2030. To achieve this, Aisin is also focusing on accelerating the development of new electrification products that contribute to the electrification of vehicles and on strengthening and expanding the production system for these products.

 In 2019, Aisin began producing hybrid systems and EV units in China, and it plans to produce hybrid systems in North America in the future. Aisin also has production plants around the world for electrification products, such as electric pumps and electronically controlled brakes.

 Going forward, Aisin will continue to improve cleanliness in the mobility sector by establishing production systems for electrification products in Japan and overseas and enhancing the competitiveness of its electrification products.