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Aisin Group, including Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kariya, Aichi, President: Kiyotaka Ise), will present academic papers and exhibit technologies at the 26th ITS World Congress Singapore 2019 to be held at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore from Monday, October 21 to Friday, October 25.

The concept of the exhibition will be “the next frontier in mobility,” and the group will present technologies that bring happiness in three ways: “delivering the joy of mobility,” “keeping you safe,” and “connecting you and society,” with six technologies under development in the Connected Cars field.

1. Risk Prediction Support System
This system obtains information necessary to prevent hazards during driving in advance from the front camera feed, map data, and big data in the cloud, and presents appropriate driving actions for each situation to the driver, aiming to enable anyone to drive defensively like a model driver.

2. Hospitality Services
This technology offers “hospitality” for comfortable movement such as “Automatic Valet Parking” that realizes fully unattended parking through the cooperation of parking support technology and infrastructure, and “Smart Seat Side Bolster” that uses the position information to predict the gravity applied to the driver and adjust the seat shape.

3. Road Condition Estimation
This is a system that estimates road surface conditions from data from in-vehicle sensors and actuators, and generates added value from big data collected based on location information. It is envisioned being able to offer safe and comfortable route proposals for truck drivers and drivers in general, and also to enable road managers to carry out efficient road maintenance.
Since October 2019, a demonstration experiment of this system has been conducted in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture (Japan).

4. Logistics Support
Through cloud services such as calculation of differentials between delivery plans and actual statuses, and creation of routes optimized for logistics based on route search technologies and high-precision arrival time prediction technologies cultivated in car navigation systems, shippers and logistics companies can check delivery statuses in real time on a website.

5. Choisoko
This is an on-demand shared shuttle bus service that helps improve transportation in a local community and encourage its residents to go out. It aims to expand opportunities to go out, leading to the promotion of health for elderly people. The service has been provided in Toyoake City, Aichi Prefecture (Japan) since 2018.

6. ILY-Ai
ILY-Ai is a partner mobility vehicle that supports people of all generations with moving. It is equipped with intelligent safety technology for safe moving utilizing cameras and 2D and 3D lasers. It is also equipped with a function of recognizing and following the owner and a technology using AI technologies and the lasers for moving while avoiding obstacles, which is required in the future when it runs inside facilities and on public roads, to reduce the risk of collisions, etc. on the path ahead.

<Academic papers presented>
• “Hybrid Driver Coaching (HDC): An eco-driving coaching system for hybrid car owners” (AW Technical Center Europe)
• “Street Parking Strategy Sensitivity Analysis” (AW Technical Center Europe)
• “Scene danger ranking using deep neural network” (IMRA Europe)