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Six Aisin Group companies*, including Aisin Seiki, will jointly exhibit at the 2017 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai), which will be held at the National Center for Exhibition and Convention in Shanghai, China, from Friday, April 21 to Friday, April 28, 2017.

In China, with environmental regulations growing stricter year by year, expectations are rising with regard to eco-friendly technologies like automated driving and electric vehicles. At this exhibition, we present Aisin Group’s environmental contributions with displays of environmentally friendly products, such as our Small Capacity 2-Motor FWD Hybrid Transmission and Electric 4WD units.

In the field of automated driving, the focus of much attention in the Chinese market, we will display products for Vehicle Dynamics Control, including Active Rear Steering; Electronically Controlled Brake System; High-Performance ESC (electronic stability control) Modulator, and products dedicated to sensing technologies, including our Driver Monitoring System and Peripheral Monitoring System.

As for Heat Management Systems, we will display products that contribute to efficient energy use, such as our Electric Water Pump and Grille Shutter. 
We will also present various automotive body products for improved comfort and convenience, including our Power Sliding Door, Door Impact Beam, and Outside Handle.

In addition, we will exhibit the ILY-Ai personal mobility unit, which can change into four forms and be used for a variety of purposes.

Moving forward, Aisin Group aims to strengthen our competitiveness in China, proactively researching and developing new technologies that meet customer demand.