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AISIN Malaysia exhibition in shopping mall

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia – More than 85 automotive parts retailers and workshops visited the exhibition in Paradigm Mall and enjoyed a showcase of AISIN’s wide range of products and industry-leading technology from 24 to 26 March. The event also created great opportunities to touch base with both existing and potential valued partners, most of whom are auto-related businesses stationed within 10km radius of the mall.

Visitors experienced AISIN’s technology up close and personal with the Toyota Alphard on display, which contains AISIN’s very own innovations like the power sliding door, power back door and power seat adjustor. Attendees could also touch and feel the many AISIN automotive parts on display, which includes components in drivetrain, engine, brakes, and lubricants.

A part of the exhibition space is designed like a pedestrian crossing, where children and families were spotted colouring paper sheets of road safety illustrations. AISIN is committed to building a better and safer future in mobility, and engaging people about traffic safety is a key factor. Overall, it was both entertaining and educational for every visitor who did a walk-through, gaining deeper understanding of AISIN as a global autoparts maker.