AISIN Aftermarket Asia Pacific Site

Aisin Seiki will open its exhibition hall “com-center” after renovation on Tuesday, September 1, which it has constructed as a commemorative project for the 50th anniversary since the company’s establishment.

The com-center was newly established on the property of the Head Office by completely renovating the traditional com-center (opened in 2001) as a facility that introduces the history of the Aisin Group, the Group’s best-known products of the past and today, its corporate activities, and the mobility society that the Aisin Group aims to achieve in the future. In addition to the traditional exhibits of the Aisin Group’s products, new exhibits that many visitors can enjoy were added such as a video theater with projection mapping and a corner where visitors can experience the functions and mechanisms of various products.

With consideration to the environment, the com-center has also adopted a gas engine driven heat- pump air conditioner (GHP), gas engine cogeneration system, etc. made by our company for the air-conditioning in the building to reduce the emissions of CO2. Furthermore, equipped with GHP with a self-contained power source as countermeasures at the time of disaster, the com-center not only ensures the power source and air-conditioning functions but also becomes available for people in the community in times of emergency.

The Aisin Group will make full use of this new exhibition hall as a facility that strengthens the links of the community and customers with the Aisin Group.