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AICHI, JAPAN— At the FY2019 Toyota Motor Corporation awards, Aisin Seiki won awards in two categories, a Technology & Development Award and a Superior Cost Improvement Award.

Technology & Development Award

[Electric water pump for lightweight and low-cost engines]

Aisin Seiki designed a 3D impeller with optimum shape through rigorous water flow analysis, realizing the world’s highest efficiency of 52%. Higher efficiency leads to more compact size and lighter weight.

[Automatic parking system with 360° peripheral PKSB] (jointly developed with Denso, software supplied by Aisin Seiki)

The system controls steering wheel, accelerator, brake, and shifting to assist parking operations. Four cameras enable lane marking recognition for high-precision parking even in parking lots without white lines, or in dark places.

Superior Cost Improvement Award

Aisin Seiki actively participated in a wide range of activities, such as RRCI*1 and SSA*2, and were recognized for implementing smart standards including more relaxed appearance standards. We made significant reductions in vehicle costs and improved product appeal by working with stakeholders such as Group companies and affiliates, as well as Toyota Motor Corporation’s vehicle plants.

*1 Represents the Japanese equivalent of “quality, affordability, cost, innovation”

*2 Stands for “Smart Standard Activities”