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Overall Description:

“ART” pistons, a cutting-edge technology product, offers high mileage and output power for passenger cars, commercial cars, outboard engines, general-purpose engines, and race engines.  The mission of “ART” is to gain high level of trust in the domestic and international piston markets through our one-step-ahead, cutting-edge technologies.

At “ART”, our R&D are devoted to make things with the “spirit of a craftsman” or “perfection, precision, concentration, patience and persistence”. This unique spirit of craftsmanship has transcended from Japan to the rest of the world by “ART” trained engineers, working to bring positive technological cooperation and providing high values to our customers globally.

“ART” high quality pistons are a must have that are used in many engines today, performing critical functions, providing comfort, safety and exceeding tight requirements set by Original Equipment Manufacturers and prerequisite global environmental laws.

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