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Automatic Transmission Fluid

AISIN ATF is formulated and designed to meet stringent requirements of all car maker specifications. In partnership with vehicle manufacturers, AISIN has developed a state-of-the-art range of AT fluids that maximizes performance and longevity of the vehicle AT system. This translates to cost and fuel savings.

ATF is a type of oil used in vehicles with transmissions, and can be classified as gear oil. A quality AT Fluid helps reduce fuel consumption, one of the major challenges for vehicle manufacturers today. 

For AISIN ATF, it offers that with additional benefits. Its excellent low-temperature flow and viscosity characteristics ensure smooth engaging even in severe winter weather conditions. Its optimally engineered fluid friction coefficient also results in swifter gear selection and reduces shift shock, for quality performance.

Please click here to access to our AISIN ATF Product Datasheet, Application List, Product Leaflet.