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Brake and Clutch Fluid

Brake and Clutch Fluid

Overall Description:

AISIN offers an extensive range of brake & clutch fluids to accommodate a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from those equipped with drum brakes on all wheels to high-performance vehicles equipped with electronic stability control programs. Whether you require DOT 3, DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 / 5.1 EHV brake fluids, AISIN has the right solution for you. and

Prioritizing safety, all AISIN brake & clutch fluids undergo rigorous testing and surpass international DOT specifications. This ensures that AISIN brake & clutch fluids provide superior performance in critical safety aspects, including boiling points and viscosity performance. Additionally, they offer enhanced anti-corrosion and rubber performance. 

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Main Features/ Key Selling Point:

  • Efficient Pressure Transmission
    1. Ensures responsive and efficient transmission of pressure from the pedal to the wheel brakes
    2. Provides a consistent and responsive pedal “feel”
    • Higher Boiling Point for enhanced safety
    1. Exceeds the minimum dry boiling point requirement of 210°C for DOT 3 fluids
    2. Boasts a significantly higher dry boiling point (typically 229°C) for enhanced safety
    3. Reduces the risk of “vapor lock”, a phenomenon where boiling fluid produces compressible vapor, compromising braking efficiency
    • Compatibility Across the Braking System
    1. Compatible with all components of the braking system, including plastic, rubber, metal, and composite materials
    2. Undergoes rigorous testing on these components to ensure complete compatibility, safeguarding the entire braking system
    • Cold Weather Performance
    1. Maintains fluidity even in extremely cold conditions, remaining effective in temperatures as low as -50°C
    2. Ensures reliable brake performance in a wide range of weather conditions
    • Synthetic Formulation
    1. Composed of Polygycols, Polyglycol Ethers, Polyglycol Ether Esters, and various additives
    2. Provides corrosion inhibition, pH regulation, lubricity and rubber-swell modification for optimal brake system performance and longevity


    DOT 3Standard Spec. AISIN SpecInternational standard
    ERBP, °C210°C Min229°CAISIN brake & Clutch DOT 3 complies with FMVSS 116 DOT 3, SAE J1703 and ISO 4925 (Class 3) Specification.
    Wet ERBP, °C140°C Min149°C
    Viscosity at -40°CMax, 1,500 cSt Max1,207 cSt


    DOT 4Standard Spec. AISIN SpecInternational standard
    ERBP, °C260°C Min268°CAISIN brake & Clutch DOT 4 complies with FMVSS 116 DOT 4, SAE J1703 and ISO 4925 (Class 3 & 4) Specification.
    Wet ERBP, °C155°C Min159°C
    Viscosity at -40°CMax, 1,500 cSt Max1,351 cSt


    AISIN is the No. 1 supplier of critical hydraulic components to the Japanese automobile industry.  AISIN’s Original Equipment technology and know-how are applied to design and produce each vehicle specific part thereby ensuring superb product quality, performance and reliability. AISIN Clutch Master Cylinder undergone rigorous durability test adhering to similar OE standards when hydraulics components are manufactured.

    AISIN Clutch Release Cylinders are tested and known to last longer than others. It undergoes similar advance technology design and production process like all our hydraulic cylinders & using high-quality rubber seal to provide the following advantages & benefits: Anti-corrosion to the cylinder body and piston, Improves the cylinder’s durability against wear and tear, Greater protection against leakage, and Higher saving in maintenance cost

    Brake Master Cylinders by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standard are made from two kinds of material, including iron and aluminium. These parts are surface treated with alumite coating for hardness and anti-rust treatment. Moreover, we also have a roller burnish process inside of the body using advanced technology to make durable products with good performance.

    Brake Wheel Cylinders by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standard are made from high-quality materials and high-standard manufacturing processes. Product lifetime for ADVICS brake wheel cylinder over than 100,000 km and we also have coating, anti-rust treatment to increase durability and strength.

    Brake Boosters achieve high braking force in everyday and emergency braking situations. ADVICS’s Brake Boosters are engineered to exact OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications, delivering ideal air pressure to the brake master cylinder for a smooth braking action.

    Brake Boosters by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standard are made from high-quality material and high-technology machinery. Moreover, we have professional engineers to control the quality and production processes to ensure production of high performance, durable products.