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Brake Disc Xtra Dura

Brake Disc Xtra Dura

Overall Description:

When a brake pad and rotor are designed for an OE application, they’re made to work together. ADVICS brake disc Xtra Dura, for Asian and domestic vehicles, are application-specific. They have the same characteristics as the OE rotor, and are designed to work in combination with our ultra-premium disc brake pads.

ADVICS brake disc is meticulously constructed using OE-quality precision machining constructed to achieve tight, precise tolerances, maximum friction reduction and heat diffusion. ADVICS ultra-premium disc brake provides optimal performance and stopping power.

Advantages over uncoated brake disc:

  1. Quick and easy installation: No degreasing needed, saves time
  2. Superior look, with silver coating
  3. Longer lasting, corrosion free
  4. Smoother driving, with Low Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH)


Please click here to access to our ADVICS brake disc Xtra Dura Product Leaflet.

Main Features/ Key Selling Point:

  1. Thicker disc plates: Deliver consistent heat diffusion and reduced chance of warping
  2. Emulter 3000 paint process, anti-rust wash, C40 and E-coating: Protects against corrosion and ensures rotors are ready to install right out of the box
  3. Proprietary rotor designs that enables the vanes to create a suction that removes hot air and gases: Allow air to flow freely and efficiently inside the rotors
  4. Superior Metallurgy: Produces optimal carbon content levels for improved fade resistance leading to increased durability and longer rotor life
  5. OE-quality disc plates: Ensures brake durability, longer rotor life and more stopping power



ADVICS Brake Discs has excellent Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) Management, which results in smooth rotor surface, better durability and minimization of noise and judder. Its high carbon content also ensures optimal braking performance, increased heat tolerance, and reduced cracks. Equipping good brake discs also means less fuel consumption and cost/energy efficiency, not to mention it is better for the environment. 

ADVICS brake pad breakthrough the ceramic friction technology bringing the brake pad to the next level, resulting in superb stopping power and reliable & superior braking performance. The premium quality brake pad has an optimum balance of comfortable driving feel & smooth braking performance that ensure very quiet braking. It also ensures cleanliness in wheels, rotor-friendliness & exceptional stopping power over various driving terrains.