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Brake Disc

Brake Disc

Overall Description:

Advics Brake Disc Rotors are produced with stringent quality control and production process that meets the OE quality standard. It is based on FC200 (JIS) grade specification, higher than the common FC150 standard of many OEMs. This means stronger tensile strength and greater durability against breakage. 

Another unique feature of Advics Brake Discs is its excellent Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) Management, which results in smooth rotor surface, better durability and minimization of noise and judder. Its high carbon content also ensures optimal braking performance, increased heat tolerance, and reduced cracks. Equipping good brake discs also means less fuel consumption and cost/energy efficiency, not to mention it is better for the environment. 

Other features include anti-rust oil, high coolability, light weight, corrosion resistance and good brake feel.

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