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Brake Pads series

Brake Pads series

Overall Description:

ADVICS designs and produces brake pads for carmakers around the world. The Original Equipment (OE) quality know-how & high standard features are well-recognized & preferred by leading car manufacturers. 

ADVICS brake pad breakthrough the ceramic friction technology bringing the brake pad to the next level, resulting in superb stopping power and reliable & superior braking performance. The premium quality brake pad has an optimum balance of comfortable driving feel & smooth braking performance that ensure very quiet braking. It also ensures cleanliness in wheels, rotor-friendliness & exceptional stopping power over various driving terrains. 

Please click here to access to our ADVICS Brake Pads Product Catalogue , Product Leaflet and Maintenance Guide.

BlueStop Technology:

BlueStop is a common name for a series of technologies derived from ADVICS extensive OE experience, allowing to create the brake pad series with unique features and merits that meet specific customer demands all over the globe.

  1. Enhance pad life and stopping power
  2. Sufficiently robust for various driving conditions
  3. Enables exceptional structural durability and smooth braking


SeriesOEXBBrake Star
Unique positionOE experience-based ceramic brake padsBrake pads with exceptional braking power and durabilityEntry level ADVICS quality brake pads
  • Micro Structure Control (MSC)
  • Ceramic Tribo Technology (CTT)
  • BlueStop Platform
  • Tough Body Structure(TBS)
  • BlueStop Platform
  • BlueStop Platform
Product key merits
  • Premium feel & stable braking
  • Minimal dust & rotor wear
  • Virtually zero noise & vibration
  • Robust, matrix pad structure
  • Strong, consistent braking
  • Top production quality
  • Reasonable price
Pad materialCeramicCorrosion resistant steelCorrosion resistant steel

Ceramic Tribo Technology (CTT):

CTT allows friction material to create a strong uniform transfer film between the pad and rotor, improving the friction performance. In comparison, ceramic materials by other makers produces weak, fragmented film, making the friction performance unstable.

MicroStructure Control Technology (MSC):

Aramid and non-ferrous metal fibers are precisely distributed within the friction material to form a stable structure that lasts for the service life of the pad.

Tough Body Structure (TBS):

Taking a combination of metallic and other materials from a rigorous testing and selection process. TBS utilizes ADVICS’ precision material placement with a matrix material base. ADVICS’ OE experience ensures a rugged and powerful braking performance. Steel and non-ferrous metal fibers are precisely distributed with the friction material to form a durable, matrix like structure.



Based on ADVICS’s latest achievements in friction material development for world’s leading car makers, the OE brake pads series utilizes Ceramic Tribo Technology (CTT) and provides premium level braking in all conditions. It is specially designed to respond to the needs of the car, OE series ensures superb braking stability with virtually zero noise and vibration.

ADVICS XB brake pads series is specifically created to ensure an exceptional structural durability with improved stopping power for everyday use and under any road conditions. Implements Tough Body Structure (TBS) Technology providing a tough and robust, matrix base for long life wear and a superior braking experience. 

The ADVICS brake star brake pads series is an entry-level product with optimal performance achieved by implementing ADVICS design and quality standards. These perfectly balanced pads are developed based on the BlueStop platform. The brake pad shims prevent the brake noise by creating a barrier between the brake pad and caliper.