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Clutch Master Cylinder

Clutch Master Cylinder

Overall Description:

AISIN is the No. 1 supplier of critical hydraulic components to the Japanese automobile industry.  AISIN’s Original Equipment technology and know-how are applied to design and produce each vehicle specific part thereby ensuring superb product quality, performance and reliability.

AISIN Clutch Master Cylinder undergone rigorous durability test adhering to similar OE standards when hydraulics components are manufactured.

Kanizen” Plating (Nickel Plating) and anodising treatment harden and strengthen the aluminium body surface which improves resistance to corrosion and ensures smooth operation of the piston.
High durable quality rubber seals E.g. Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPDM) that is high in heat-resistant and against oxidation help to prevent leakages and extend the life of the seals.
Designed to improve the responsive performance of the clutch system when the clutch pedal is engaged.

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