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Cooling Fan Motor

Cooling Fan Motor

Overall Description:

The cooling fan is powered by the Cooling Fan Motor and plays a crucial role in dissipating the heat from the radiator to ensure stable and reliable engine operation, by regulating the cooling and keeping the engine within the manufacturer’s designed operating temperature.  When the car temperature rises to a certain level, it triggers a fan motor to drive the cooling fan system. It is vital to ensure that the fan system functions well as the cooling fan prevents engine overheating. The air-condition system will also have reduced cooling efficiency if more power is used to cool the engine.

 This is why good quality and high performing parts are important. The AISIN fan motor, like all AISIN products, have strict quality manufacturing control with Statistical Process Control (SPC), an industry standard for measuring and controlling quality during manufacturing. AISIN also has its own qualified testing center. In cooling temperature tests, AISIN’s Cooling Fan Motor outperformed OEM fan motors consistently under different environments, keeping the engine temperatures significantly lower than their OEM counterparts. With quality materials selected to boost resistance to heat, corrosion and impact, the cooling fan system also carries a long product lifespan and high efficacy.

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