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Electric Water Pump

Electric Water Pump

Overall Description:

Electrically driven Water Pump that operates on demand. The Electric Water Pump is not dependent on the engine as the ECU will activate the electric water pump and vary the pump speed and coolant flow rate based on the engine cooling needs. This minimizes the load on the engine which reduces fuel consumption and pollution. 

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Main Features/ Key Selling Point:

  1. The specific water pressure is achieved without excessive load to engine
  2. AISIN’s aluminum die-casting technology allows for size and weight reduction
  3. Improved strength in body design and carbon ceramic mechanical seals assures leak prevention 


AISIN Water PumpCompetitors
Better Application Range

Found in >820 models

(Aisin has the world’s largest OEM coverage among manufacturers)

Water pumps are all built to OE requirement

Limited applications for most
World-class Technology and Expertise

Pioneer innovator of Electric Water Pump for hybrid vehicle applications

Decades of accumulated knowledge from cooperation with automotive manufacturers

Lesser experience and expertise in water pump manufacturing, and without product innovation 
Premium Materials for Higher Performance

Aluminum Impeller: smooth surface, size & weight reduction, no failure problem found under rotation testing (@6,000 rpm/ 28 hours)

Polyurea grease improves lubrication and bearing lifespan

Typically uses iron impeller, without benefits or aluminum impeller

Most use lithium grease, which has a shorter lifespan

Superior Body Design

Carbon ceramic mechanical seal: hard and resistant, leak proof

Double lip seal protects against oil and dust

65% of market complaints are related to leakage

Tends to use single lip seal


AISIN Water Pumps provide optimal cooling without creating excess load to the engine. AISIN’s advanced aluminium die-casting technology allows for size and weight reductions without sacrificing cooling performance. The highest quality materials are used, creating stronger body design and resistance to corrosion. Advanced technological design produces smooth coolant flow channels, efficient rotors, ball bearings, and carbon ceramic mechanical sealing for optimum cooling performance and longevity.

Premium quality, ethylene glycol based antifreeze coolant concentrate, designed primarily to meet the stringent corrosion protection requirements of late model car engines which have a significant amount of aluminum their construction. With the anti-rust performance, AISIN Long Life Coolant is suits for the Aluminum Water Pump and to all material used cooling line of engine including Aluminum radiator. 

AISIN Super Long Life Coolant has an extended drain interval. It is recommended to replace the coolant after 4 years or 100,000 kilometers, which is double the interval or regular coolant in Japan. The demonstrates the AISIN Super Long Life Coolant’s durability and reliability in providing long-term protection for the engine.