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Ignition Coil

Ignition Coil

Overall Description:

Aisin ignition coil boasts a wide coverage of vehicles, with >80% for Korean, European and USA makes, and >90% for Japanese makes.

The product surface and finishing is top in the industry, as it uses precision mold injection for smoother high-quality appearance and precision control of tolerance for parts fitting.

Furthermore, Aisin ignition coil has higher electrical performance against competitors. This means higher voltage input and output, faster charging time, bigger load and power. Cleaner combustion also translates to fuel savings and cost savings for the user.

Its product lifespan is also superior. In a lifespan test using Japan Espec in a high temperature chamber of 125 degrees Celsius, the AISIN ignition coil passed 500 hours before cracking, while competitor’s equivalent averaged 240 hours.

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