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Long Life Coolant

When long life coolant is used beyond its intended life, it loses effectiveness. This can cause overheating, corrosion in the cooling systems, coolant leakage and radiator blockage. In cold regions, the coolant may freeze, causing engine damage.

Aisin Long Life Coolant helps in Corrosion Prevention, Protection from Overheating and Protection from Freezing

Aisin’s Long Life Coolant is a non-amide type which is environmentally friendly and consists of antirust agent. Its additives are specially formulated to protect vital metallic parts found in engine cooling system such as water pump, oil cooler, cylinder block, cylinder head, radiator, thermostat, hose and aftercooler against corrosion and cavitation.

With its anti-rust performance , AISIN LLC is suitable for the Aluminium Water Pump and for all material used in cooling line of engine including Aluminium radiator. Aisin’s high quality coolant is compatible with most good quality conventional coolants using Ethylene Glycol in the market.

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