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Oil Filter

Oil Filter

Overall Description:

Aisin oil filter is proven to last longer than conventional oil filter. It is designed for both synthetic base and mineral base motor engine oil.

The large filtration area enables more contaminants to be trapped. Our unique “Sheet-Lock” technology ensure a sturdy inner tube to hold the synthetic-cellulose based filter prolonging the filter’s life. Our 100% quality check ensure the best filtration performance giving greater customer assurance.

The key functional benefits are: * Strong filter capability to trap dirt up to 5 microns with filtering efficiency rating of 99.4% (ISO4548-12). * Large dirt holding capacity for longer usage. * High oil pressure durability for use even in vehicle running in the toughest driving condition. * Heat-resistant synthetic rubber anti-drain back valve, durable safety valve & corrosion resistant housing unit ensure clean engine oil prolonging engine life.

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