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XB Brake Pads series

XB Brake Pads series

Overall Description:

ADVICS XB brake pad series is specifically created to ensure an exceptional structural durability with improved stopping power for everyday use and under any road conditions. Implements Tough Body Structure (TBS) Technology providing a tough and robust, matrix base for long life wear and a superior braking experience. 

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Main Features/ Key Selling Point:

  1. Strong and consistent brake performance in rugged road conditions
  2. Pad friction surface wears evenly 
  3. Long pad life and rotor friendly
  4. Minimal vibration
  5. Low NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness)



Based on ADVICS’s latest achievements in friction material development for world’s leading car makers, the OE brake pad series utilizes Ceramic Tribo Technology (CTT) and provides premium level braking in all conditions. It is specially designed to respond to the needs of the car, OE series ensures superb braking stability with virtually zero noise and vibration. 

The ADVICS brake star brake pad series is an entry-level product with optimal performance achieved by implementing ADVICS design and quality standards. These perfectly balanced pads are developed based on the BlueStop platform. The brake pad shims prevent the brake noise by creating a barrier between the brake pad and caliper.  

ADVICS brake disc Xtra Dura, for Asian and domestic vehicles, are application-specific. They have the same characteristics as the OE rotor, and are designed to work in combination with our ultra-premium disc brake pads. ADVICS brake disc is meticulously constructed using OE-quality precision machining constructed to achieve tight, precise tolerances, maximum friction reduction and heat diffusion. ADVICS ultra-premium disc brake provides optimal performance and stopping power.