AISIN Aftermarket Asia Pacific Site

Led by Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., six Aisin Group companies* will jointly exhibit at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2016), which will be held from April 27 (Wednesday) to May 4 (Wednesday) at the China International Exhibition Center. We will show products and technologies in the areas of “Environment and Fuel Efficiency,” “Security and Safety,” and “Comfort and Convenience.”

At this exhibition, in response to growing interest in the environment and fuel economy in China, we will present our development of automotive energy management technologies that improve fuel efficiency. In addition to products for hybrid vehicles, such as a hybrid transmission and a regenerative cooperating braking system, Aisin will exhibit other products and technologies that realize optimal allocation of heat in the engine room and contribute to improved fuel efficiency, such as an electric water pump for engine cooling, an electric oil pump for idling stop, and a grille shutter.

We will also present a video introducing the technologies of remote control parking, which enables you to park your car remotely using a smartphone, and emergency roadside pull-over, which automatically pulls the car over to the shoulder when the car senses that the driver is incapacitated. Exhibition visitors will be able to view Aisin’s initiatives to develop advanced driver assistance technologies that eliminate drivers’ anxieties and heighten the fun and excitement of driving.

In addition, we will show a range of auto body parts such as power back doors, installed in SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles), which are gaining popularity in China, and power sliding doors that maximize comfort and convenience.

In recent years, the Aisin Group has been moving ahead with construction and development of local research and development affiliates in China. Going forward, we will continue strengthening our R&D framework in the country so as to offer products and technologies that meet market needs.